Aruba 2000

We went to Aruba for a week in April.  It was wonderful.  The weather in Aruba is 80 degrees year round, with the tradewinds it doesn't normally feel too hot.

Aruba is north of South America, about six hours from the equator.

It is out of the hurricane belt so it is a great place to go all year round.  We highly recommend it!

Links with Pictures:
Our Hotel - The Tamarijn
Exploring the North Side
Natural Bridge
Quadiriki Caves
Snuba Trip
Natural Pool - Beware - Lots of Pictures
Aruba Sunset
Helpful Aruba Links

Note: Any of the photos on most pages are available for sale.  Especially the Aruba photos have been blown up to 16 X 20 and look FABULOUS.  I took all the photos myself (I actually took about 12 rolls of film each trip).  If you are interested in any photos - please email me at - I have not had time to set up the shopping cart yet (the site comes with one - I should use it!)