Natural Pool

The natural pool is VERY tricky to find.  It can be done though.  At least one of the Jeep tours takes you there - if you aren't adventurous enough to try it on your own.

Thanks to Alex & Barb for getting us there!  We'd have still not made it on our own.  They taught us the ropes, told us where to eat, what stores have the best jewelry deals.  They were a lot of fun to hang out with - and we will be seeing them again this year.

The spot is really beautiful.  When we got to the pool there was actually a Park Ranger waiting to greet us.  He had us get in his dunebuggy for a picture.

The view is really great.  We trekked down there for some photos & of course, snorkeling.  The waves of the hectic ocean crash over every portion of this little lagoon.

Us at the Pool. (Thanks to Alex and Barb for taking lots of pictures of us!)

Us sitting at the back of the pool.  You can see the water running down the sides from the waves.

Alex kept taking pictures to get one with the 'crash' in it.  Little did we know what that would mean for us!  What a shock that was!

The view to the East of the Natural Pool.  Lots of waves crashing.

West of the Natural Pool the waves were just as fierce.

Us to the west of the pool - this time we didn't get wet!

Us with the East of the pool in the background.

Us - up above the ocean near the pool.

All totaled I think I took 6 rolls of film out here.  Definitely a good photo spot, for scenery and people shots too.

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