Snorkeling Excursions

Day three - Monday.  We decided to leave the hotel and head East, rather than West & North, toward San Nicholas and Baby Beach.

Yes, we had a map.  Though it helps, most of the roads aren't maked that clearly.  To top it off, they don't have many traffic lights.  They prefer traffic circles (like Michigan State's campus).  It made it interesting.

Baby Beach is one of the places that a lot of the 'pay tours' take you.  You can easily find it on your own, we did.

(photo from Visit Aruba site)

Baby Beach is basically a lovely beach with a shallow lagoon like alcove.  Swim toward the opening at the ocean and you'll see lots of colorful fish.  If you think of it bring some bread crumbs, rice or the like and the fish will swarm near you.

Rich had never snorkeled before, so it was a good beginners place.  Of course he loved it.  I knew he would.  TIP:  Bring your own snorkel gear to the island.  A decent mask and snorkel will cost you less than $100.  It is worth it to have your own.  The ones supplied at the hotels and on the tours are well-used and tend to leak.  Plus then you can do what we did - we had Rich's perscription put into his make ($50 a lense).  Then he could see all the wonders without having to worry.

Once we were out and dry we continues up the East coast of of the island back toward the North side.

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