First of all, you'll need to rent a vehicle.  Now, they call everything that looks like the above a "Jeep".  Some of us know this is NOT a Jeep.  This was a Diahatsu Tetrois.  Supposedly it was 4 wheel drive, we think not.  Either way, you want something that is called 4X4.  Also, make sure to BUY the insurance - it is best to be covered - its like bah-hah-ing in the boondocks out on the north side of the island.  We rented one for the whole week - though we hadn't planned to.  $75 a day or $300 a week (+$10 a day for insurance).  It made it nice to drive to the airport the last day without being there 3-4 hours in advance.

We rented the "jeep" on our second day, a sunday.  Once we had it we started off.  To give you a sense of where we began (North is up).  We started just West of Oranjestad at our hotel.  Drove toward Tierra del sol (a golf course).  The lighthouse overlooks it.

This is the California Lighthouse.  It looks much better from far away than it does up close.  There wasn't anything up there, except a restaurant overlooking the golf course.  Its a must see though. From there we began our 'tour' of the island.

There are no real roads once you pass the lighthouse, they are all dirt trails.  Tip:  Just because there are tire tracks -does not necessarily mean you should go that way too.  We were on a quest to get beautiful landscape photos to enlarge and display at our home.

The north side faces the open sea, so it is very rough, but very pretty.  There are a lot of waves crashing and sending spray everywhere.  It makes for good photo opportunities.  If you intend to rent a 4X4 - be ready for an adventure.

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