Quadiriki Caves

On the way from Baby Beach to the Caves, we passed a Prison.  We didn't know Aruba had a prison.  It was very new and looked almost desolate.  Come to find out they built it as a revenue factor.  They house prisoners for countries like Venezuela.  The cactus farm outside would definitely be an escape deterrent.

Now, from reading all about the island, I had decided I REALLY wanted to see the caves.

One website said this about it:

           "The Quadirikiri cave is famous for its two chambers where sunlight shines through and is the perfect backdrop for unique pictures. Be adventurous and dare to go down the 100-ft. long tunnel, home of hundreds of harmless bats."

Of course - unique pictures were one of my goals.  So we went.

It was pretty cool.  There were no tour guides, no signs, and no map.  There is a stand outside where you can get flashlights - you'll need them.  But, because there was no one else in there, we weren't sure which tunnel to take once we go a ways in.  We tried all 3 tunnels but it was very humid and low - you would almost have to crawl.  Since Rich's back is bad we opted to not go any further.

Although I still did get a few unique pictures.  Next time we'll go 'all the way' I think.  My curiousity will get the best of me.  This is one of the natural light areas I have to assume.

From the caves we again made an attempt to find the natural pool.  We ended up getting lost and instead were in a rock quarry.  Needless to say, we called it a full adventure and headed back.

Once we got back to the hotel, we decided it was time to go downtown and do some shopping.  We, of course, were looking at jewelry.  You definitely have to shop around.  We ended up in "Jewels & Gems" in the Holland Aruba Mall.  If you go ask for Danny or Michael!

While there, we met a wonderful couple, Barb & Alex.  They know the island well - they come every year.  We decided to have dinner with them on Wednesday at El Gaucho (a must-go).  Reservations are required.  But we'll talk more about them later!

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