Snuba Adventure

Okay - on Tuesday we had a slight lapse in judgement.  For some stupid reason we decided that paying to kayak to De Palm Island would be fun.  Boy were we dumb.

But, live and learn.  We did get to snorkel at De Palm Island - which was cool.  You can take a ferry (rather than Kayak) its $9 or something.  I guess one of the books has a free pass coupon in it if you can find it.

Wednesday, we signed up to take a "Snuba & Snorkel Trip" on the "Fun Factory", a catamaran.

(This is a trimaran similar to the catamaran we were on - photo courtesy the De Palm website)

What is SNUBA you ask.  Snuba is basically Scuba Diving only you are connected by a tube to a raft rather than carrying a tank on your back.  A good test of whether you'd want to Scuba or not - but less money (1/2 day was $75 a person)

(Photo courtesy Richelle, she & her mom were staying at the Tam with us).

We got to Snuba at one stop, and snorkel at two others, plus lunch is included.  Amy was our guide (scuba).  We rented a real underwater camera - because those little disposables only work to 7 feet or so, and you need a flash to get the colors past 3 feet.

Amy was kind enough to take our picture, though by that time I already had my weight belt off so I kept drifting up.  We enjoyed it. Though the regulator was a little big for me.

That evening we went to dinner with Alex & Barb (as planned.)  They offered to take us to the Natural Pool on Thursday.  They'd been there before but hadn't gotten any pictures, and we had our "jeep" so we made a plan!

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