Natural Bridge

(To make sure you're following along).

Next stop that second day - the Natural Bridge.  We drove from the lighthouse to the bridge.  Stopped alot to take pictures but we made it there in a reasonable amount of time and effort.

This is the bridge looking at it from the island towards the ocean.  I know, big deal right.  But trust me its unbelievable.  It looks small here, but when you see people on it you realize how massive it really is.

Look at it now from the ocean toward the island.  The people make all the difference in your perspective.  It really was a wonderous site.  There was a little bar/ice cream stand there.  We went here on our second day - Sunday.

See the mountain in the background - I talked Rich into driving up that way to get to the east side of the bridge toward the natural pool, because I saw someone go that way.  Too bad I didn't watch them more. It was very steep & rocky.  I thought for sure we were going to roll and crash.

This is what we saw from up on the mountain - its the view East of the Bridge.

It was fun though, once we were sure we survived.  We didn't find the natural pool that day, though come to find out we were VERY close.

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